POP Screen

The Personal Profile POP Screen™ is a subset of the POP™ state-of-the-art psychometric tool that is widely used in identifying and selecting individuals who would thrive in highly competitive environments such as sales.

The Personal Profile POP Screen™ is used to:
• help determine suitability for competitive sales positions
• identify high potential sales representatives and consultants
• eliminate candidates without essential background
• organize candidate information in a consistent fashion and provide overall rating on
    talent, effort history and fit to sales
• identify self managers who will develop into sales leaders
• help candidates and managers make informed decisions about working together

Screening for Performance and Retention in Competitive Sales

The POP Screen™ is used by many highly competitive sales organizations to identify candidates who will be top performers and survive in highly competitve sales environments. By assessing the inherent talent, effort history and fit with the position, the POP Screen™ is able to focus on candidates who have the most likelihood of success in sales. The POP Screen™ also allows the hiring organization to rank candidates on their probable success.

The POP Screen™ also allows for screening candidates who do not have the essentials without the need for reading resumes.

By focusing on candidates with a 'success' profile and screening candidates who do not have the essentials, the POP Screen™ is the first step in a selection process that will improve sales performance.

Self Management Group

The Self Management Group is a privately held company which specializes in selection, development and career management of people. The Self Management Group provides a comprehensive range of products and services which include a very extensive list of psychometric profiling tools, management and sales training, team building workshops, change management, career and outplacement counselling, stress management, succession planning, mentoring coaching and other services.

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